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EC Assorted Pop-Off Spring & Shim Kit
715 EC Assorted Pop-Off Spring & Shim Kit
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EC Assorted Pop-Off Spring & Shim Kit

Part Number: 715-K
Online Price: $32.95
Pop-Off Spring & Shim Kit Assorted EC
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EC Pop-Off Spring & Shim Kit has many inlet tension springs to calibrate pop-off pressure for many diaphragm carburetors. 

This kit contains the most common inlet springs (001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 007, 008, 009, 011, 020, 021, 022 Qty. 3 each spring) and .005 and .010 shims. This kit will allow you to fine-tune your pop-off pressure on your Tillotson or Walbro Carburetors. We recommend using the POPG-1 0-15lbs or POPG-2 0-30lbs Pop-Off Gauge to check and calibrate your pop-off pressure.

Pop-Off pressure does not control fuel pressure. Pop-off is part of the mechanism that controls fuel volume. By tuning the pop-off pressure, you are mainly fine-tuning low-end response and how easy the engine is to start. Too low pop-off can cause a rich condition at idle and low speed. Too high of a pop-off can make the engine difficult to start. 

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