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44-373B Intek V-Twin Billet Camshaft
44-373B Brigg Intek V-Twin Billet Camshaft
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44-373B Intek V-Twin Billet Camshaft

Part Number: 44-373B
Your Price: $325.00
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Lawnmower Racing Camshaft for the Briggs Intek V-Twin Engines.

EC has been the leader in racing lawnmower engine performance for over a decade. Our Billet cores are the only ones available for the Intek V-Twin Engine. The large displacement Intek makes incredible low torque, and with our camshafts, we increase the midrange and top rpm power for a very linear torque curve. This makes a high-speed engine on the track that accelerates the mower out of the corners and hard down the straights. This will put you in the next corner before your competitors can blink. 

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