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DynoCams CL-335 Cam for Honda/Clone/Hemi Predator
CL-335 DynoCams 335 Camshaft
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DynoCams CL-335 Cam for Honda/Clone/Hemi Predator

Part Number: 335-CL
Online Price: $106.00
DynoCams CL-335 Cam
Availability: Out of Stock.


The 335 has a big duration with a lower lift so that it can be used in large cubic-inch OHV engines with minimal valve-to-piston clearances. This cam requires an upgraded spring package, a billet rod, and a billet flywheel.

The Lobes on this Cam are Welded.


Recommended Class: Modified

Target (MAX) RPM: 8500-9000

Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 36lbs minimum(Spring Pressure depends on valve train weight and rocker ratio)

Valve Lash (In/Ex): .003"

Ignition Timing: 36 Deg BTDC



Open: 55.20 BTDC

Close: 95.75 ABDC

Lift: .334"

C/L: 108.0 ATDC

DUR @ 50: 259.75 Deg


Open: 96.65 BBDC

Close: 60.70 ATDC

Lift: .334"

C/L: 108.0 BTDC

DUR @ 50: 264.70 Deg


Will this cam fit the Predator 224, Wildcat 223, EC 236, or EC 263?
For all engines using the 58mm crankshaft, you will need clearance for the compression release. Camshafts with big lifts, bigger duration, and depending on cam timing, may need clearance for the lobes regardless of the crank stroke. 

Will this cam fit the Predator 212 Non-Hemi?
No, the Predator Non-Hemi 212 is the only engine with a different size journal for the cam boss. 

What engines does the cam fit?
The Tillotson, Ducar, Wildcat, Predator Hemi, Predator 224, and Ghost 212 all have the same cam journals and can use the same cam. 

What do you recommend this camshaft for?
The camshaft will work well for open modifieds that want higher peak power and a big upper midrange. The camshaft has been popular with stock appearings where the duration helps make big power over smaller cams. We don't recommend this for cruisers, mini bikes and builds that want good idle and low speed torque(4000rpms or less)

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