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Lub-Tek Dyno-Q Racing Engine Oil - 1 Quart
Dyno-Q Qualifying Race Oil - 1 Quart
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Lub-Tek Dyno-Q Racing Engine Oil - 1 Quart

Part Number: Dyno-Q
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Lub-Tek Dyno-Q 4-Cyle Kart Racing Engine Oil
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Dyno Q is for Qualifying; this oil has been tried and true for many years, especially for the years dominated by flatheads to be one of the best oils.

This oil is particularly designed to get the most out of your qualifying times.

From Winston Cup to Gold Cup, Lub-Tek has the right engine oil and lubricant to put your kart in the winner's circle. The results of many laboratories and on-track tests created a line of fully synthetic oils that are clean-burning, increase horsepower, and provide better wear than any other oil available. Cylinder heads are free from carbon buildup and plug fouling.

Highly recommended for box stock flathead and OHV engines like the clone, predator, or animal on gas or methanol.

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