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EC 1.3 Billet Roller Rev Rockers for Non-Hemi GX200/Clone
EC 1.3 Billet Roller Rev Rockers for Non-Hemi GX200/Clone
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EC 1.3 Billet Roller Rev Rockers for Non-Hemi GX200/Clone

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The EC 1.2 Billet Aluminum Ratio Rockers are designed for Non-Hemi Style Honda, Clone, Tillotson, and Predator Cylinder Heads. 

The EC Rev Rockers are shaft-mounted roller tip rockers that increase the performance and reliability of your valve train. The rocker arms are lightweight aluminum to minimize weight and improve valve control. 

The rocker arms are mounted on a common shaft or trunnion that keeps them stable above the valve and pushrods. The roller tips reduce friction and therefore wear on the valve tips. The shaft mounting also helps reduce distortion and deflection that improves valve movement that is truer to the camshaft profile, resulting in better performance. 

The Rockers have a 1.3:1 ratio that increases the cam's lift points by x1.3 or 30%. This ratio also means that your duration will increase. While your duration at .050" lift may be a minor increase, your duration at .150+ lift can begin to increase significantly. Getting to a higher lift point sooner will increase torque and overall power, especially with modified heads that have increased CFM at higher lift. The valve speed will also increase due to the added ratio. 

Billet Rockers will weigh more than the standard stock-stamped rocker arms(1st gen champion rockers are the exception). The increased weight and the added ratio(faster valve speed and higher lift) may require more spring pressure to control the valve train. You will also need to use aftermarket pushrods with more strength and rigidity cut to the correct length. 

These are new, remodeled, and modified versions of the original Rev Rockers.

Rev Rocker Features:

- Rocker Arms are made from aircraft billet aluminum

- Harden Roller Tip

- Larger axle diameter for the Roller Tip

- Press in the axle, with E-Clip to be serviceable

- Increased material on the Rocker Arm Tip adds rigidity and strength.

- Bronze bushing for the main shaft with oil holes improve durability and performance

- The main shaft includes snapping rings for the outer and a bushing in the middle to help stabilize rocker walk

All these improvements, along with the best improvement of all, are less expensive.

*Note - Rev Rockers and all the Raceseng karting products were purchased by SKI. With their blessing, we made improvements to the previous design. These Rocker Arms are not a product of SKI or Raceseng.

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