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EC 236RT Race-Track Racing Engine
EC 236RT Racing Engine with Maxima Racing Oil
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EC 236RT Race-Track Racing Engine

Part Number: 236RT
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EC's New 236R Racing Engine
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Since introducing the 236R engine kit, we have frequently asked for an entirely built version. 

The 236RT, a Race-Track oriented package, is the first stage of 236R engines. The gas-powered engine is made for lots of low-end torque and midrange power for heavier flat karts and outlaw wings that run relatively short tracks. 

When asked to build an engine package for the outlaw wing kart series, the engine needed to provide good low-end torque and be more affordable than a typical open modified. 

Fortunately, the Honda Based Clones including the Tillotson have various factory components that improve durability and performance without the premium cost. The EC 236R engine kit uses the Tillotson block, 72mm piston, EC's Forged Connecting Rod, and Wildcat 58mm stroke crankshaft for a starting platform that is unmatched in price and performance. Then using the Tillotson Non-Hemi Head from the 212R and 225R, you have the best flowing factory Non-Hemi Head on the market. We used the popular 1st gen Champion Rockers and EC's Stainless Steel Valves to improve the valve train. These parts form an essential foundation for building a durable modified engine. 

Our next step is to add the right combination of parts to meet our performance goals. Our Wildcat WC22 26mm carburetor has proven to perform on the 228R and many other engines. It has enough flow for the cylinder head and is easily tuned on the dyno for optimal performance. Next, the engine displacement, piston speed, carburetor size, and cylinder head airflow needed a camshaft that works synergistically to produce good low-end torque with a robust midrange that can handle turning at decent rpm. The TTS-698 worked very well for this build without abusing the valve train. To ensure reliability, we used dual valve springs and Titanium Retainers. 

You can see the complete list of engine specs below to see how we completed this package.

The 236RT isn't just another performance engine but a truly race-ready setup, including a quick-connect linkage for easy installation and removal. The carburetor is already set up with a throttle cable and 1-half of your 2-piece clevis. 

For this package, we removed the compression release to prevent any possible failures caused by the compression release. You will need to start the engine with an external electric starter. 

EC 236RT Race-Track Engine Specs:

Bore: 72mm

Stroke: 58mm

Total cc: 236.15(14.41ci)

Compression Ratio: 9.8:1(Most 212 Engines measure 8:1-8.25:1 vs. 8.5 Advertised)

EC 236RT Includes:

- Tillotson 72mm Reinforced Block

- Tillotson 72mm Piston

- 3.415 Forged Connecting Rod

- 58mm Stroke Crankshaft

- 27/25mm Tillotson Non-Hemi Head with stainless steel valves

- 32lbs Dual Valve Springs with Titanium Retainers

- Champion Rockers

- Wildcat WC22 26mm Slide Carburetor (Modified Ventilation for Track Use) with Air Filter

- Billet Intake Manifold

- 2-Piece Throttle Cable Clevis

- TTS-698 Camshaft (No Compression Release)

- SK200 Billet Flywheel 34° Timing

- Tillotson High Energy Coil (Non-Rev Limiting)

- Top Plate with Fuel Pump and Linkage Bracket

- Carburetor Throttle Cable with 2-Piece Clevis

- EC Dual Pattern Starter Nut

- Maxima Racing Oil 10w-30 Pro Plus - 1 Liter

Not included, Sold Separately:

- Exhaust Header

- Muffler

Warning! This engine is made only with the intention of sanctioned racing only. No Warranties are expressed or implied.

Recommended Oil: Maxima Racing Oil's 10w-30 Pro Plus or 5w-40 Extra. Always keep at least 12-16 ounces of oil in the engine. Engines are shipped without oil. 

Recommended Fuel: 91-93 Octane Non-Ethanol

Recommended RPM Limit:8500rpms (Race Karts recommended clutch engagement 4200rpm and gearing for max 8000rpms) Peak Torque 4000rpms - Peak Power 7000rpms

Horsepower: Due to the setup calibration, correction factors, and test procedures, horsepower numbers vary and are difficult to compare from dyno to dyno. However, you can make a general comparison based on the power increase percentage based on your engine builder's dyno. The EC 236RT produces almost 2.5x more power than a blueprinted stock 212, 65% more than a Ghost 212, and 25% more power than Tillotson 225R.

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