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EC #35 11-Tooth 3/4 Clutch Sprocket
3575-11 EC #35 11-Tooth 3/4" Clutch Sprocket
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EC #35 11-Tooth 3/4 Clutch Sprocket

Part Number: 3575-11T
Online Price: $27.00
fits 3/4-Inch EGO, Viper, Gator, Bully & Stinger Clutches
Availability: Out of Stock.


3575-11 #35 12 Tooth Sprocket for Bully, Viper/Gator, and Stinger Style Clutches

Sprockets fit many clutches on the market, including Ego, Bully, and the Noram Stinger clutch ('Orange Crush,' 'The Touch,' 'GoldiLocks,' 'Gator,' 'N-Gage' Clutches, and others)

All EC #35 Clutch Sprockets come hardened for superior wear prevention and durability.

11 Tooth Drivers do not use bearings due to the small inner diameter needed to fit the 3/4 output shaft

Use our gear ratio and speed calculator to get the best performance from your engine.

EC Gear Ratio Calculator

EC Jackshaft Calculator

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