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EC EZ-Jet Tillotson Carburetor Needle Adjuster
EC EZ-Jet Tillotson Carburetor Needle Adjuster
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EC EZ-Jet Tillotson Carburetor Needle Adjuster

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The new EZ-Jet by EC Carburetors was designed for precise needle adjustments on Tillotson and other diaphragm kart racing carburetors.

The EZ-Jet Adjuster is made to fit on many Tillotson, EC Intimidator, and other kart racing diaphragm carburetors that use Flat Billet High and Low-Speed Needle Adjustment Needles

The EZ-Jet adjuster helps you precisely tune the high and low jet openings.  Precision needle adjustments are crucial to testing and data logging to help make quick tuning adjustments as atmospheric changes influence carburetor tuning. Having good data and information is key to getting ahead of the pack on race day. 

The EZ-Jet Adjust is capable of using a key ring to keep the adjuster readily available or hung in a toolbox. The bright anodized adjustment wheels make the tool stand out and make it easy to locate and measure adjustments.

When starting with a new carburetor adjustments:

- Turn the carburetor needles to the closed position

- Align the starting hole and Counter Indicator on the Red Billet Wheels

- Keeping the Counter Indicator still, turn the steel adjuster. The minute wheel will turn with the steel adjuster. Each Line is a 2-minute measurement. Each long line is 10 minutes

- Turn the adjuster to your engine builder or tuner's recommended starting point. 

We recommend keeping a record of any adjustments along with your chassis adjustments, weather, and track conditions. These notes will help the create a database of conditions that help you find your optimal carburetor settings much sooner and be able to help you if you are a team manager or engine builder.

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