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EC Super Ghost 212-to-223 Performance Kit
EC Super Ghost 212-to-223 Performance Kit
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EC Super Ghost 212-to-223 Performance Kit

Part Number: 212G-002
Online Price: $559.99
designed make the Ghost 212 into a 223cc race engine.
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EC's Super Ghost 223 Performance Kit 

We've taken the popular and affordable Ghost 212 and turned it into a proper race machine by combining our 58mm Stroker Kit and many of our stage 3 components and more. As you may know, the Tillotson 212E and Ducar 212 have the same engine platform, all being manufactured by Ducar. Using our kit, you can turn your choice of engine into a Super Tillotson, Super Ducar, or Super Ghost. 

By increasing the stroke of the engine, we're increasing displacement, compression, and piston speed to improve the performance of the engine. In conjunction with our stage 3 components, the displacement and parts specification are very similar to a Tillotson 225R. By using the Ducar 212, Ghost 212, or Tillotson 212E, you can have similar performance at a lower cost. 

What comes in the EC Super Ghost Performance Kit?

223H-SKA Stroker Kit:
58mm Stroker Crankshaft - Many have argued the Ghost 212 should have been a 223cc engine like the Predator 224. The added stroke increases the displacement of the engine, but it does a lot more. Increasing displacement means it also increases the compression ratio of the engine to improve combustion efficiency. This crankshaft increases the mechanical leverage the rod has on the crankshaft to improve torque, especially at lower speeds. The piston speed increases, creating a stronger vacuum or pressure differential earlier during the induction cycle to fill the cylinder better.  

With the 58mm crankshaft, you'll need clearance for the compression release of the camshaft. Here's our blog on those instructions: https://www.eccarburetors.com/clearance-wildcat-predator-58mm-crankshaft

8271 EC Pinnacle Rod - The billet rod adds durability to the rotating assembly to handle higher RPMs and higher piston speed. The 3.273-length rod, in combination with the piston's compression height, put the piston near zero piston deck depth. 

Wildcat 70mm Flatop Piston - The Flat Top Piston fits the billet rod and replaces the stock dish piston in the engine. Flat-top pistons are generally lighter, but the Wildcat version is slightly less than the flat top found in the Predator 212, which means a better balance of the rotating assembly, faster acceleration, and more durability. Flat-top pistons also improve flame propagation and combustion.

SK200 REV Wheel Billet Flywheel - The REV Wheel is required for safety for running your engine at higher rpms.  The REV Wheel improves spark energy with its high-output neo-magnet. To improve peak torque, the flywheel has 34° of timing advance built-in, which means you don't need an offset key to advance your timing. The flywheel is also lightweight to help reduce rotating inertia for faster acceleration and reduce stress on the crankshaft. 

WC22 26mm Slide Carburetor - The WC22 has been a game changer for those used to the knock-off style "VM22". Technically, a knock-off of the PZ26, the Wildcat carburetor, has been reworked from the inside out to provide better starting and overall performance than any other VM22/PZ26 Knock-Off on the market. The pull knob chokes allow the carburetor to be mounted closer to the engine thanks to EC Short Billet Intake Manifold. The short intake not only moves the carburetor closer for better road clearance but closer to the valve for a stronger signal for improved throttle response. 

TTS-265 Banzai Camshaft - This cam has .265 lift and 235° duration. The Banzai led the charge for similar spec cams due to their broad powerband that fits many different applications, from off-road street cruisers to short track and sprint-style racing. It's for that reason the Tillotson 225 has a similar camshaft. 

27mm and 24mm Stainless Steel Valves - EC has made a specific drop-in set of valves designed for the Ducar-Style Hemi Heads. The purpose is to increase strength and reliability while reducing weight and friction, which are important for higher rpm operation. Ideally, to get the most of these valves and cylinder heads, you would have the cylinder head ported for more performance gains. 

267-50 5mm Aluminum Retainers - The Ducar-Style Hemi Head has a unique valve design of 5.5mm at the guide but 5mm at the retainer. EC built their stainless steel valves identically to be able to use the stock retainers. However, we wanted to take full advantage of the stainless steel valves by using a billet aluminum retainer. Reducing valve train weight, particularly on the valve side, increases valve train stability and reduces valve float. Better control of the valve not only allows higher rpm but reduces valve bounce, resulting in better valve seal and more power. 

70mm Fire Ring Head Gasket - We include a stock fire ring style head gasket. While a thin metal head gasket can increase your compression ratio for a little more performance, the fire ring gasket is more reliable with a better seal on the cylinder. Aluminum blocks and heads will expand with heat and contract as they cool, which can lead to cylinder head sealing issues. The composite fire ring gasket allows for this to maintain its seal. 

Stock Side Cover Gasket - While replacing your cam, you may tear the side cover gasket when removing the side cover. We provide a replacement in the kit. 

Headers are no longer part of this kit. Due to the growing development of exhaust headers, we designed our kits to allow our customers to find the best available fitment for their applications. This kit is designed for headers with .870 or larger inside diameters. Optimal performance is usually found between .930 - .960 ID without any muffler. If you are required to use a muffler, we recommend using only the 4106 RLV Muffler. DO NOT RUN SCREW-ON MUFFLERS DESIGNED FOR LAWNMOWER ENGINES OR "WEENIE" PIPE HEADERS AND MUFFLERS. 

If you need help finding the right header for your applications, check out our listings under your engine's exhaust section, give us a call, or send us an email 

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