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EC 1.1 Billet Roller Rev Rockers with Bearings for Non-Hemi GX200/Clone
EC 11 Billet Roller Rev Rockers with Needle Bearings
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EC 1.1 Billet Roller Rev Rockers with Bearings for Non-Hemi GX200/Clone

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The EC 1.1 Billet Aluminum Ratio Rockers are designed for Non-Hemi Style Honda, Clone, Tillotson, and Predator Cylinder Heads. 

The EC Rev Rockers have been redesigned and updated to include needle bearings and a larger roller tip.

Needle Bearings - Needle bearings were highly requested by customers concerned with reducing friction and wear. With a bearing-less rocker, customers could assemble the rockers without using assembly or any lubricant, which causes the rocker arm to seize immediately or damage the bushing or rocker arm. Using needle bearings will reduce the chance of damaging the rocker arm. However, this is no excuse for not properly lubricating the valve train. When installing the rocker arms, use Maxima Racing Oil Assembly Lube. 

The new rocker arms are a little beefer to fit the roller rockers, but we wanted to keep the weight down as much as possible. The rocker arm is now stronger than before, and the highest rocker arm has a needle bearing on the market. Keeping valve train weight to a minimum helps to stabilize the valve train, especially when it comes to aggressive cams and high rpms. 

Roller Tip - The roller tip was another customer feature requested to utilize a lash cap. Most applications do not require lash caps. Lash caps are used with Titanium valves because titanium will gall. Stainless steel valves have stronger, hardened tips. Along with our relatively low spring pressure compared to motorcycle and automotive engines, you don't see excessive wear with good lubrication. The other benefit is to provide more rocker arm to retainer clearance. The small engine market is pushing for bigger lift and more aggressive setups. Using a slightly larger diameter roller will help ensure our rocker arms are used at the highest level of competition. 

The rocker arms are mounted on a common shaft or trunnion that keeps them stable above the valve and pushrods. The roller tips reduce friction and wear on the valve tips. The shaft mounting also helps reduce distortion and deflection, improving valve movement truer to the camshaft profile, resulting in better performance. 

The Rockers have a 1.1:1 ratio, and rocker arm geometry plays a significant role in valve movement. Since the rocker arm should increase the valve lift, it will increase valve acceleration and duration, especially from .150" and higher. Performance will increase, but your spring pressure may need to increase, too. Some cam cards will have a recommended seat pressure for the cam. These recommendations are often based on stock-size valves, which weigh less than most oversized valves, and stock rocker arms, which weigh less than aftermarket rocker arms. Increasing weight, lift, and valve acceleration will require more spring pressure. 

Rev Rocker Features:

- Rocker Arms are made from aircraft billet aluminum

- Harden Roller Tip with a large pressed-in axle with clip for increased strength

- Larger Diameter Roller Tip for extra clearance

- Titanium Lash Adjuster Nuts

- Increased material on the Rocker Arm Tip adds rigidity and strength.

- Needle Bearing for the main shaft for improved durability and performance

- The main shaft includes snapping rings to secure the rockers, which are protected by brass washers between the rockers and on the outside of them.

We were able to increase the durability and performance with minimal increase in price; the new Rev Rockers are the less expensive rocker arms on the market that use a needle bearing. 

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