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EC Stage 3 Performance Kit for Ducar 212/Ghost 212/Predator 224/Tillotson 212E
EC Stage 3 Performance Kit for Predator 224, Ghost 212, Tillotson 212E & Ducar 212
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EC Stage 3 Performance Kit for Ducar 212/Ghost 212/Predator 224/Tillotson 212E

Part Number: 212E-003
Online Price: $378.99
fits Predator 212 Hemi Engine
Availability: In Stock.

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The EC Stage 3 Kit is designed around comparable components of the Tillotson 225R to offer similar performance to your Ducar 212, Ghost 212, Predator 224, or Tillotson 212E

As many know, the Ducar 212, Ghost 212, and Tillotson 212E use the same engine platform, which allows them to use the same parts. The Predator 224 also uses many of the same parts, so our kits will fit all four engines. The Tillotson 212E has been a very popular engine thanks to the reputation of the Tillotson Brand. However, the Ducar 212 and Ghost offer a little more bang for your buck out of the box. Using our stage 3 kit creates an equal playing field as all slight differences in components are replaced with higher-quality performance parts. We recommend starting with the Ducar since it is the least expensive. 

The Predator 224 offers the most potential thanks to its longer stroke and bigger displacement. But there are a couple of issues that have to be addressed if you decide to use the Predator 224. The cylinder head is similar to the average 196 and uses 5.5mm valves with slip-on retainers. We highly recommend replacing the valves with stainless steel and split lock retainers with this kit to improve valve train reliability. Also, the 58mm crankshaft will require the compression release to be cleared to fit. Any billet rod will also require the clearance-ing of the block due to the rod bearing increasing the big end of the rod, which will hit the top inside of the bore. If you want a better alternative for a larger displacement engine with less clearance-ing we recommend the Wildcat 223

Compared to Stage 2 Kits: The most significant change from Stage 2 to Stage 3 is the carburetor and camshaft. These two components will help move peak power up to approximately 1000rpms higher than your stage 2 kit. Peak torque should also move up 400-800rpms to around 3800-4000rpms. 

What comes in EC's Stage 3 Performance Kit

- Wildcat WC22 Round Slide Carburetor Kit: The WC22 is a 26mm round slide carburetor based on the PZ26 and similar Chinese Knock-offs of the "VM22" carburetors. The new carburetor is its original casting with its new fuel calibration tuned for Honda GX200/Clone-based engines. The carburetor flows approximately 90cfm, which means it can support more cylinder head flow as you modify your engine. We highly recommend porting your cylinder head for optimal performance. 

TTS-265 Banzai Camshaft w/26lbs Springs: Our 265 Banzai has led many aftermarket shops to produce their own .265 lift camshafts. The reason for their popularity is how well they work to create a broad powerband that can be used for off-road, street cruisers, short-track, and sprint-style kart racing. For that reason, the Tillotson 225RS uses a similar camshaft. 

- Rev Wheel Flywheel: The Billet flywheel has a low-fin, low-drag design to reduce drag. The strong neo-magnet produces greater spark energy, and with 34° ignition timing built in, it improves the engine's peak torque. 

- Pinnacle Forged Rod: The EC Pinnacle Billet Rod is necessary for any engine turning more than 5500 rpms. The rod increases the durability and the rotating assembly to handle higher RPMs. 

5. 70mm Fire Ring Head Gasket - We include a fire-ring head gasket. While a thin metal head gasket can increase your compression ratio for a little more performance, the fire ring gasket is more reliable with a better seal on the cylinder. Aluminum blocks and heads will expand with heat and contract as they cool, which can lead to cylinder head sealing issues. The composite fire ring gasket allows for this to maintain its seal. 

6. Stock Side Cover Gasket - While replacing your cam, you may tear the side cover gasket when removing the side cover. We provide a replacement in the kit. 

Headers are no longer part of this kit. Due to the growing development of exhaust headers, we designed our kits to allow our customers to find the best fit for their applications. This kit is designed for headers with .870 or larger inside diameters. Optimal performance is usually found between .930 - .960 ID without any muffler. If you are required to use a muffler, we recommend using only the 4106 RLV Muffler. DO NOT RUN SCREW-ON MUFFLERS DESIGNED FOR LAWNMOWER ENGINES OR "WEENIE" PIPE HEADERS AND MUFFLERS. 

If you need help finding the right header for your applications, check out our listings under your engine's exhaust section, give us a call, or send us an email.

Recommended Break-In Oil: Maxima 5w-16

Recommended Running OIl: Maxima RS 0w-20

Recommended Spark Plug to improve starting, power, and response:

- E3 E3.18



Spark Plug Gap Should be between .026-.032."

Autolite 3910X is very popular, but the heat range may cause premature fouling, resulting in difficult starting, misfiring, and tuning problems. We do not recommend using these plugs for any gas engine. 

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