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EC Stage One Kit for GX200 Honda, Predator, Tillotson 196/212/223cc Engines
EC Stage One Kit for Small Block Clone Engines - Exploded View
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EC Stage One Kit for GX200 Honda, Predator, Tillotson 196/212/223cc Engines

Part Number: 212-001
Online Price: $58.99
fits Honda GX200/Clone, Tillotson 196, 212R, 212E, Ducar 212, 224 , & Predator 212, 224 Engines
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The EC Stage 1 Kit for the GX200 Honda, Tillotson 196/212, Predator 212, Wildcat 223, and other Clone engines is designed to remove the restrictive emission components with better-tuned and higher flowing parts for an increase in power and performance.

Each EC stage kit is designed to accomplish a performance goal for our customers with minimal effort and maximum results. Stage one aims to remove the factory parts, restricting flow and tuning. Stage one is all external modifications and does not require opening the engine. You will maintain the stock throttle linkage, requiring no more additional parts. 

*WARNING* If you adjust the governor above 3800rpms or remove it entirely, we highly recommend using a billet flywheel for safety. Factory Cast Iron Flywheels are not rated or approved by SFI or other approved certifications for operation above 3800rpms. (No, the Tillotson 212E is not rated for 10k RPMs) We recommend using 22lbs Valve Springs with stock camshafts when the governor is removed. 

It is the ideal kit for those who like the low maintenance and reliability of a stock engine but want that little extra power for daily cruising. The added power drives up hills, trails, and grades with steady acceleration. 

Kit Items:
- Tillotson PK Stock Carburetor - The Tillotson PK is the best-flowing stock carburetor and has been banned from some "box stock" kart classes due to its advantages. To take full advantage of the high-flowing header, a well-tuned carburetor will further increase power. The PK carburetor comes with an idle mixture screw that allows us to tune the low-speed circuit for better throttle response and mid-range power without sacrificing a low, crisp idle. The main jet is also a better tune for stock or mild camshafts. For even more power, especially with mild performance cams, you can upgrade to our PK-660 CNC ported carburetor. 

*Note - Carburetor tuning is based on stock or mild cams, up to ~28° ignition timing for most engines running up to 6000rpms. Engines outside these parameters or running above 2000ft above sea level may require additional jet tuning to optimize performance. We offer a main jet kit to tune your carburetor beyond this kit. DO NOT use the Autolite 3910X Sparkplug for Gas engines; the heat range is too cold, leading to false plug readings, tuning issues, and fouling. 

- Velocity Stack & Air Filter - Rather than using the restrictive air box and stock air filter, we can increase the carburetor's flow and stabilize the fuel signal. Not only is this helping make more power, but it keeps the carburetor tune more consistent. 

Headers are no longer part of this kit. Due to the growing development of exhaust headers, we designed our kits to allow our customers to find the best available fitment for their applications. This kit is designed for headers with .870 or larger inside diameters. Optimal performance is usually found between .930 - .960 ID without any muffler. If you are required to use a muffler, we recommend using only the 4106 RLV Muffler. DO NOT RUN SCREW-ON MUFFLERS DESIGNED FOR LAWNMOWER ENGINES OR "WEENIE" PIPE HEADERS AND MUFFLERS. 

If you need help finding the right header for your applications, check out our listings under your engine's exhaust section, give us a call or send us an email 

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