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NEW! EC 228R Racing Engine Stage 2 Kit
Complete Exploded View of the EC 228R Short block
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NEW! EC 228R Racing Engine Stage 2 Kit

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The NEW! EC 228R Racing Engine Stage 2 Kit is designed for you to build your own kart or mini bike racing engine. 

Our NEW 228R Stage 2 Kit gives you the chance to build your own 228R Bottom end or complete the engine with our diverse selection of racing components. Our goal is to give you the best available parts to build the most power regardless of your budget. 

72mm Tillotson Reinforced Block – This is the core of the engine and what allows most of the magic happens. We designed these blocks to handle mild endurance racing engines for Tillotson's 225RS/T4 Class. Still, with our background in modifieds, we couldn't pass the opportunity to build one of the best blocks for high horsepower applications. We made the block thicker and more robust to reduce flex and distortion; this prevents power loss through crank flex and blow-by between the piston and cylinder. At 72mm, Bore its one of the largest bore blocks straight from the factory. 

Tillotson Racing Lightweight Hypereutectic Piston – This piston is advertised as a forged piston by other distributors; it is, in fact, not a forged piston.
The piston uses the latest technology and design utilizing racing slipper skirt vs. conventional barrel skirt design of other stock pistons. This piston uses an aluminum alloy with high silicon for a lower coefficient of thermal expansion, allowing tighter tolerance.  The piston is superior in performance and longevity over stock Chinese cast pistons used in other engines and kits. The low slipper skirt design also allows more clearance in the rotating assembly for larger stroke crankshafts. In addition, we made the compression height shorter by moving the location of the pin and using a smaller diameter wrist pin. These improvements allowed the use of a longer rod while reducing weight in the rotating assembly.

56mm(2.204") Stock Forged Stroker Crankshaft –  The 56mm crank is one millimeter or .040" more stroke than the Predator and Clone 212 Engines and the Tillotson 212/225 engines that use the 55mm crankshafts. With our kit, you will able to build an entire short block for just the billet crank alone.

EC Billet Rod – EC Carburetors designed the original billet rod for Tillotson 225RS engines, which uses a 55mm stroke crankshaft. And we built the first billet rod to fit the Tillotson piston and a 56mm crank. This rod is made in house and is unique for our engine combination. Our new EC Billet Rods are designed to allow more stroke with standard clone journal crankshafts and bigger camshafts.
These components are the core of the 228R Stage 2 Kit. It comes with the hardware, gaskets to build a complete a short block minus the camshaft. 

Kit Includes:
• Tillotson 72mm Reinforced Block
• Tillotson 72mmLightweight Hypereutectic Piston
• EC Billet Connecting Rod
• 56mm Stroker Crankshaft
• Stock Sidecover
• All hardware and gaskets included to assemble the short block.
• Push Rods are not included(Chromoly Recommended for all builds)

To Build a Complete Engine, we have many add-ons to build many different combinations based on your budget and goals.

Cylinder Heads:

Stock 212R Cylinder Head 
• Stock 27mm Intake/25mm Exhaust 5mm Stem
• Stock Rocker Assembly w/Stock Springs
Approximate Compression Ratio: 
• 9.8:1 with Stock Head Gasket 
• 10.27:1 with EC Copper Head Gasket

RX2725 Stainless Steel 27/25 Tillotson Head – EC Carburetors is continuously looking to improve the performance of the Tillotson and Clone Engine Market. We are introducing the first 5mm stainless steel valves for the Tillotson 212/225 and Predator Non-Hemi Heads. This makes it easy to run higher spring pressure and more aggressive camshafts without the fear of valve failure. The stainless steel valves also save on valve train weight, which allowing less spring pressure to turn more RPMs. 
• Stainless Steel 27mm Intake/25mm Exhaust 5mm Stem
• No Rocker Assembly or Springs
Approximate Compression Ratio: 
• 9.8:1 with Stock Head Gasket 
• 10.27:1 with EC Copper Head Gasket

TILBV-18 Tillotson – Our Tillotson Big Valve Head is for those than what more flow and a little gain in compression vs. using our 14cc high compression head. The heads do not come ported; we do this to allow you to match it to your combination.
• Stainless Steel 32mm Intake/28mm Exhaust 5.5mm Stem
• No Rocker Assembly or Springs
Approximate Compression Ratio:
• 11.32:1 with Stock Head Gasket 
• 11.97:1 with EC Copper Head Gasket

14cc High Compression Head – This is one of the most popular head for modified applications. Compression is a great way to build power, especially with smaller displacement engines like the 196 clone, Honda GX200, and Predator. But we warn you with the 236R's extra displacement you will see significant gains in compression. This may be too much to pull start and will require higher octane race gas or better methanol. 
• Stainless Steel 32mm Intake/28mm Exhaust 5.5mm Stem
• No Rocker Assembly or Springs
Approximate Compression Ratio:
• 13.59:1 with Stock Head Gasket 
• 14.56:1 with EC Copper Head Gasket

Heads do not Include Head Bolts, Valve Covers, Valve Cover Gasket, Rocker Assembly or Carburetor, and Exhaust Hardware. These Items are Sold Separately

Head Gaskets:
Stock 72mm Tillotson .045" Head Gasket - This is suitable for most builds.

EC 72mm Copper Head Gasket - Built to the same architecture as the Tillotson Head Gasket, including the added area between the pushrods and the bore. This gasket is thinner and will raise the compression, and it offers a good seal for racing engines. 

Tillotson PK-1B – We designed the PK-1B to be the best performing .615 factory carburetor. It's so a good many tracks, and organizations have outlawed them even though they can pass tech. 

.658 Stock Appearing Gas – This is our first level SA appearing carburetor. This is a great upgrade where you are required to run a stock style carburetor and have a small budget.

.680 Stock Appearing Gas – The Tillotson PK carburetors are the easiest carburetors to bore to larger sizes. The .680 is usually the maximum bore for most kart shops, and engine builders can build. We created this size carburetor to compete at those sizes, but if you want to see the "Twilight Zone," like Ol' EC would say, you need our PK-875 Carburetors.

PK-875G Stock Appearing Gas – We've built the best flowing stock appearing on the market flowing in the range of 74cfm. We've found to be around 5-7% better than the next closest claim. Regardless of the flow, you're getting over 40 years of carburetor excellence and innovation.

PK-875A Stock Appearing Methanol – Just like the PK-875 but this one is set up for Alcohol(Methanol). Many have struggled to make power on the high end with such a small carburetor. While so many focused on airflow, we made sure we could deliver the fuel to produce power. 

Tillotson HL-304WXBP-19K Gas - This is our blueprinted HL-304WXG carburetor kit. Unlike the Dominator that is meticulously built for improved flow and performance, the blueprinted model offers a great alternative to the cost of the Dominator. The Blueprinted carburetor focus on matching fuel ratios for power to still over excellent performance over stock carburetors and many slide carburetors of the same size. 

Tillotson HL-304WX-19K Gas - Our Dominators are dyno tested and track proved. These carburetors were developed during some of the better years of karting. When winning at places like Daytona meant you were the baddest S.O.B. around. Our dominators continue to live up to the legacy of "dominance" with unmatched success and performance. 

Tillotson HL-304WXBP-10K Methanol – Just like the HL-304WXBP-19 but this is for the ones wanting to run methanol. As many know, methanol can make any engine make more power with the proper tune. What makes it even more significant in reducing the engine temperatures of our air-cooled industrial engines. 

Tillotson HL-304WX-10K Methanol – Just like the other Dominator but this one runs on methanol. Running methanol requires around twice the volume as gasoline to make that extra power. You will need to flush your fuel system after each race and change your oil after each practice round, heat, and feature. 

X360 EC Intimidator Methanol – Our Intimidator Series allowed us to offer EC's Stage 3 Carburetors at a lower price. By building our own carburetor bodies, plates, and needles to reduce our labor-intensive builds. This carburetor is not only a little larger than the HL-304 but has our signature three-piece shaft that has been imitated by the carburetor manufacturers and attempted by our competitors. Often copied but never duplicated. 

X380 EC Intimidator Methanol – Our X380 is our winningest Open carburetor to date. This has won almost every big race from the Big O to Thanksgiving Thunder for the last 4-5 years. Whether it's been on a flathead or OHV engine, this carburetor is highly recommended for ported big valve heads or even most billet heads. 

Mod2 – The Mod2 is one of the most popular camshafts to upgrade to due to its easy install and moderate performance increase. This is often used in mod stock classes or as a cheater cam. It also works well on more recreational hot rod builds. This cam has stock lift numbers but with added duration to move peak torque higher in the powerband. 
Use 18-22lbs springs

Banzai 265 – The Banzai was developed to be out step up from the mods where there are fewer restrictions on the lift. The effectiveness of this cam became the cam also used in the Tillotson 225RS because of its low-speed responsiveness is well suited for T4 and other 4-cycle sprint racing. 
Use 22-26lbs Springs

EC's Tennessee Thunder Stick 698 – The Cam compares to many 275 cams like the Dyno F-275 or Isky Black Mamba that are very popular size camshaft that is used on higher performance recreational hot rods or mildly modified racing engines. This camshaft will pair well with stock size valves and smaller carburetors. This cam may require some clearance to fit.
Use 26lbs or higher Springs

EC's Tennessee Thunder Stick 787 – This camshaft is typically designed for limited modified OHV engines but has been very useful in stock appearing engines as well. This is a very good all-around cam that can be used with almost any other combination of head and carburetor. This would work well in the high flowing head by adding a little ratio to the rockers. This cam may require some clearance to fit. 
Use 32lbs or higher Springs

EC's Tennessee Thunder Stick 904 – This is the big cam for those with an excellent flowing head, the usual ones with big valves. Some prefer this cam with 1.1 rockers versus using a smaller cam with 1.2 or 1.3 rockers. This cam may require some clearance to fit.
Use 32lbs or higher Springs

Choose the Springs to fit your application best. Valve Springs range from 22-36lbs and come with 5mm or 5.5mm retainers. If you order a cylinder head from us, be sure you order the correct springs and retainers. 

If you're building to the higher echelon of horsepower, then we recommend upgrading to our billet side cover. The billet side cover will help stabilize the crankshaft and further stiffen the block.

Like our 228R and other kits, you can choose from our different color blower housings and recoils. Adding the blower housing will also come with the kill switch. 

We hope you enjoy your new racing engine. You can ask questions on this page or call or email us if you need help piecing together your combination.
The 236R Engine Kit is considered a racing product, and the final assembly is the responsibility of the builder. We do not offer any warranty for this engine package. 

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