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The EGO Clutch is built with the same parts and manufacturing as 'Crush' 'Orange Crush,' 'The Touch,' 'GoldiLocks,' 'Gator' 'Viper' 'Pulse'and 'N-Gage' Clutches and countless others. All parts are 100% replaceable by any of our EGO Clutch Parts. These Clutches are factory blueprinted and offer the best performance and price of any clutch on the market. Note many parts will fit custom blueprinted carburetors sharing the same design. Do no use these parts for the Bully Brand Clutch; we recommend using only original Bully parts with Bully Clutches.

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EC EGO 2 Disc Racing Clutch with Steel Basket
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EGO Clutch Friction Disc
In Stock.