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Carburetors Services:
Minor Rebuild $45 Plus Parts
Major Rebuild/Fuel Conversions $75 Plus Parts
Blueprinting/Enhancing Fuel Curve $125 Plus Parts
Dominator Spec $150 Plus Parts

Minor Rebuilds are simple rebuilds that don't require any other services outside of replacing parts included in our rebuild kits and setting the fulcrum arm and pop-off pressure

Major Rebuilds are for major overhauls that require extensive cleaning and repair to minor carburetor damage. Replace throttle shafts/linkage components. If you want to go from gas to alcohol on the same engine then this will be included to a major rebuild. 

Blueprinting with enhancing the fuel curve and/or changing the fuel from gas to alcohol to run to the best potential of a stock carburetor. 

Dominator Spec is building the carburetor to the same spec as our Dominator carburetors. This includes the custom machining and polishing, fuel curve enhancement, fuel changes, etc

Engine Services:
Bore & Hone
Bore, Sleeve & Hone
Port & Polish
Big Valves
Dyno Tuning
Head Milling: Starts at $25