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Carburetors Services:

Click Here, Download and Fill Out The Carburetor Service Forms Before Sending in your Carburetors

Minor Rebuild - Consist of a complete rebuild, replacing all gasket, diaphragms, seals, inlet screen, and Inlet screen cover. Ultrasonic Cleaned, Pop-Off Pressure, and Fulcrum Arm Height are checked and set. Inlet Need and Seat are checked for leaks. Cost $45.00($50 for HD Models, $75 for Harley HD Models) plus parts. Average Parts Estimate $20 (Harley HD Carburetor Kits are $85)

Major Rebuild/Refurbishing - Consist of all the work of the Minor Rebuild. The carburetor is cleaned, media blasted, and tumbled polished for like new stock finish. Cost $75.00($85 for HD Models, $100 for Harley HD Models) plus parts. Average Rebuild Kit Estimate $20 (Harley HD Carburetor Kits are $85). For repairing throttle shafts, butterflies and other components made be subject to additional charges based on the level of blueprinting. 

Carburetors that are excessively dirty(caked mud/dirt) or corrosive or gummed up from fuel may be charged to a major rebuild. Our rates are based on time spent working on the carburetors. It takes more time to clean and refurbish the carburetor to a like-new condition before getting the carburetor rebuilt for optimal operations. Call or email us pictures of your carburetor to evaluate the condition before sending in your carburetor. To save money, we highly recommend properly maintaining your carburetor and cleaning it before it ships to us. 

Fuel Circuit Changes/Minor Blueprinting - Consists of all the work of a minor rebuild. Cost $125(No HD Models) plus parts. Carburetors that come in that need a major rebuild will be charged an additional $35. We will optimize your fuel circuit, make gas to methanol conversions, or change the fuel circuit for a different application. Average Rebuild Kit Estimate $20, but fuel conversions may require changes to the pump stack or throttle shaft. If you want to change the carburetor to be changed from one platform to another, ex. 2cycle to OHV conversion. Your carburetor needs to qualify for the minor blueprinting, in some cases, the work required may not be possible to meet our standards. We may suggest a new carburetor if it saves on costs. 

Dominator/Major Blueprinting - Consists of all the work of the minor blueprinting. In addition, we machine and polish the bodies, butterfly, throttle shaft, and improve the carburetor’s airflow to meet class specifications. We perform the same work as our dominator carburetors. Cost $150(No HD Models) plus parts. Carburetors that come in that need a major rebuild will be charged an additional $35.

All Carburetors will be evaluated to ensure the work request can be performed. Initial evaluations will be done over the phone or through email. Pictures may be requested before the carburetors are sent for servicing. The final assessment will be done once received and before any work is done. If your carburetor qualifies for the work requested, then you will be contacted after the work is complete. If your carburetor does not qualify, then we will contact you with explanations and plans of action. This includes pricing for additional work need or in rare cases your carburetor cannot be repaired or blueprinted your carburetor will be returned for the cost of shipping

Turn Around Time and Rush Charges - Turn around times are dependent on the time of year, On the average turn around time is no longer than 5 business days. To be sure your carburetor is turned around before the time you need it back plan for one-week shipping to us, one week for service and one-week shipping return or three weeks total. If you need a carburetor in less time and for us to guarantee the work to be done after the evaluations, you may request a rush service. Rush on rebuilds are $25, and rush on blueprinting is $45. You must contact us if you need rush service. In rare cases, our workload may not allow rush services. 

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