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Here you can find all you fuel related accessories from fuel tanks to fuel pumps & filters to fuel line and just about everything in-between. 

Oil is often highly debate on its value, performance and advantages. This especially true of kart oil. We highly recommend using a proper karting oil vs the auto store car oils. The years of experience and technology used in karting oil make them much more superior to a car oil when being used in an air-cooled industrial race engines. We have proven with our hand blended formula Y2K blend to make more power and better protection that not just car oils better than karting oils as well. Our New EC Jungle Lube is now our mass produced version of our famous Y2K oil now in a Light and Heavy Versions. Same Great performance at a lower price. We also carry Thor, Dyno-Q/K and other Brand oils. We also keep castor oil for you 2-cycle guys and lubricants for your chain and bearings.