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EC Carburetors has set the standard for Carburetor Performance. Our 50 Plus Years of Experience, Knowledge and Research & Development in small engine racing gives you confidence that you will get the best available carburetor parts and service. We are the primary importer of Tillotson Racing Carburetors. We have designed and built our own brand in the Intimidator Series. We also carry many carburetor accessories and carburetor service tools used by the entire karting industry that are carried by the leaders in our industry. 

• Intimidator Series -  Our premier, specialized carburetors for highly, modified OHV, Flathead and 2-Stroke racing engines from gas to methanol to nitro burners

• Dominator Series - Our Highly Modified HL and HR Tillotson Carburetors build for specific racing classes running gas or methanol

• Tillotson - Wide range of Tillotson carburetors and parts from Vintage HD Models to Classic HL and HR models and the modern high performance Avenger Series HW, HM, HB, HX Models used in European CIK-FIA 60cc Junior to 175cc shifters and UAS 250cc 2-stroke and 450cc 4-cycle.