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MCP Billet Standard Brake Caliper Assembly
181375 MCP Billet Caliper Assembly
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MCP Billet Standard Brake Caliper Assembly

Part Number: 181375
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Martin Custom Products Standard Size Hydraulic Billet Brake Calipers
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Martin Custom Products Billet Caliper Assembly for Racing Go-Karts

These Billet MCP calipers are commonly used on Micro Sprints, Mini-Sprints, Racing Go Karts, Recreational Go Karts, Quarter Midgets, Mini-Cup cars, Jr. Dragsters, Racing Lawn Mowers, Racing Barstools, and hundreds of motorsports applications. This high-performance billet aluminum brake caliper features two 1 3/8" bore pistons. This exclusive design allows it to be adjusted for use with other rotor thicknesses (.125" to .25"). It comes in 2 halves, which are then both mounted to the caliper bracket or brackets through the 2-bolt holes. The bolt hole spacing is 2.25" center-to-center, and they fit 3/8" bolts. Dot five brake fluid only. Pads are included.

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