Tuning your kart or racing lawnmower gearing ratio is very important for on-track performance. Using our gearing calculator you can quickly determine your gearing ratios and maximum mile-per-hour.

Our calculator also shows theoretical mile-per-hour. Your actual mph will be based on the power of the engine and the resistance made by friction, air, and weight of the vehicle. If you do not have the power or RPMs to overcome the friction and resistance factors then you may never truly reach the mph based on your calculations. 

Follow our diagram and input the teeth count of your Engine/Clutch Sprocket, Jackshaft, Right Angle Gearbox Input, and Output Sprockets then your Rear Axle Sprocket. Measure the circumference in inches for your rear tire. This will calculate the final gear ratio and mph. 

EC Jackshaft Gearing Calculator
Engine Teeth Count
Jackshaft Input
Jackshaft Output
Engine RPM
Right Rear Tire Circumference