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EC Super 30 Series CVT Driver
Juggernaut Super 30 Series CVT Driver
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EC Super 30 Series CVT Driver

Part Number: 30-30-30
Online Price: $79.99
Phone Order Price:$119.99
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Fits Most CVT Comet or Aftermarket Torque Converters and 3/4 Output Shaft Small Block Engines
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The Super 30 is everything the original 30 series drivers lack under load.

You no longer have to sacrifice your engine's power or rpm capabilities! With this new Super 30 Series Driver, you can take full advantage of a high HP RPM small block engine (196/212/225). The Super 30 Series Driver is compatible with ALL 3/4-inch bore 30 series Torque Converter kits; you can use the same belt, drive, and belt cover! This driver should be used with higher RPM engines, Stage 2 or higher. On a stock motor running at 3600 RPM, you will NOT see any difference in performance, which may affect top-end MPH. Running 4000+ RPM is where the Super 30 shines.

- No more slipping under load.

- Has been tested up to 8500 RPM

Features and Specs:
- Bore: 3/4-inch
- Key-way: 3/16-Inch NOT INCLUDED
- 3/4-Inch wide asymmetrical belt
- Engagement: 2,500 RPM
- RPM Capabilities: 8,500+ RPM
- All-new design with three rollers and six springs
- No adjustments needed
- Limits/Eliminates belt slippage
- Improved Reliability and Performance on high HP small block engines up to 15hp; the HP rating - may vary due to the application.
- Compatible with all 30 series TAV kits with 3/4" bore (comet and aftermarket)

- Slightly larger in diameter than a regular 30 series driver but still works with the same covers and belt

Juggernaut™ & Jugg-a-verter™ are trademark names of Karting Distributor Inc. The EC Super 30 has the same high-quality production as the Juggernaut™ Driver with improved heavy-duty spider bushing. The TC340, Super 30, Torq-Zilla & Juggernaut™  are all drivers and will use the same components. 

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