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KL-605 Klotz Chain Lube – 15.6oz
KL-605 Klotz Chain Lube - Front Label
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KL-605 Klotz Chain Lube – 15.6oz

Part Number: KL605
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Klotz Hi-Performance Chain Lube contains EXTRATAC™ Anti-Wear System for all street, off-road, and racing applications.
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Klotz Chain Lube, Specially formulated for conventional and “O” ring type roller chains to provide the maximum level of lubrication and rust protection for all competition types.

Klotz EXTRATAC™ Anti-Wear System penetrates deeply to displace moisture and dirt for maximum corrosion protection. Klotz Chain Lube will out-perform premium chain oils in the following ways:

• EXTRATAC™ penetrates deeply and dries tacky
• Waterproof the formula prevents rust and washes off
• Approved for conventional and “O” ring chains
• Extends chain and sprocket life
• Loosens stiff chain links
• Environmentally safe formula


For best results, preheat the chain with a 5-minute ride. Wash and clean all chain and sprocket surfaces before applying Chain Lube. Shake can well. Rotate the wheel and apply a liberal bead along the inside surface of the chain. Allow Chain Lube to penetrate rollers and dry for 10 minutes, then wipe off excess lube.

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