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Klotz Super TechniPlate Oil - 1 Quart
KL100 Klotz Super TechniPlate Oil - 1 Quart
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Klotz Super TechniPlate Oil - 1 Quart

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Klotz Super Techniplate 2 Stroke Racing Oil
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KL100 Klotz Super Techniplate 2-Stroke Oil One Quart

Klotz Super TechniPlate is a blend of 80% TechniPlate Synthetic Lubricant and 20% BeNOL® Racing Castor Oil and is backed by racing experience decades. Specifically, design for 2-stroke pre-mix racing engines. Formulated to provide the superior film strength of castor oil with the clean-burning characteristics of Klotz synthetic lubricants. Klotz, a hi-end product formulated from the finest ingredients available. It will challenge and outrun the competition in the following ways:

Formula contains identifying Klotz Red with the traditional racy scent

Improves Throttle Response

Extreme film strength protects engine parts from metal to metal contact

High-temperature stability reduces power valve deposits

Blends with gasoline, methanol alcohol, and nitromethane fuels

Recommended for Beta, Gas, Honda, Husaberg, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, KTM, Suzuki, and Yamaha premix off-road applications


Blend completely with fuel and stays in suspension indefinitely. Mix as engine manufacturer recommends or, Motorcycle and ATV AIr-Cooled engines 20:1 to 32:1; Water-Cooled engines 32: to 50:1. Racing kart engines 16:1 to 20:1. 2-Stroke Glow engines 15 to 18%; 4-cycle Glow engines 5 to 10%

Fuel Ratio with 1 US Gallon Gasoline

8oz Oil = 16:1

6.4oz Oil = 20:1

4oz Oil = 32:1

3.2oz Oil = 40:1

2.6oz Oil = 50:1

10% Oil = 12.8oz Oil

15% Oil = 19.2oz Oil

18% Oil = 23oz Oil

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