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EC Rear Lawnmower Bumper
2700 Rear Lawnmower Bumper
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EC Rear Lawnmower Bumper

Part Number: 2700
Your Price: $109.95
Bumper Rear Lawnmower w/Mounts
Availability: Out of Stock.


The EC Rear Lawnmower Bumper is made for lawnmower classes allowing rear bumpers as a safety precaution. 

Racing lawnmowers are considered open-wheeled racing machines, and with tight racing, you need to take as many safety precautions as possible. The rear bumper can lessen the impact of rear collisions. More importantly, the rear bumper helps prevent wheel hopping that could launch other race machines off the ground or prevent drivers from being "mowed" over. 

Some may argue that race mowers without bumpers will discourage aggressive drivers from using bumpers to push other racers out of the way. We believe that it is the job of the flagman and officials to regulate. The bumpers' job is to provide a safety feature in emergencies where contact is not avoidable. 

The main ring is approximately 38" wide and 7" tall and comes with weldable shafts to mount.

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