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Maxima Racing Oil Pro Plus+ 10w-30 4T Engine Oil - 1 Liter
Maxima Racing Oil Power Plus+ 10w-30 - 1 Liter
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Maxima Racing Oil Pro Plus+ 10w-30 4T Engine Oil - 1 Liter

Part Number: 30-01901
Online Price: $15.99
Phone Order Price:$19.99
You Save:$4.00(20%)
Ideal for Honda GX200/Clone, Predator 212, Tillotson 196-212-225, Wildcat 223, Briggs LO206 and other industrial small block engines.
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Maxima Racing Oil Pro Plus+ 10w-30 4T Engine Oil is our first minibike or kart racing oil choice.

Full-synthetic, ester-fortified 4-stroke engine oil designed to ensure optimum protection, peak performance, and a positive clutch feel. The surface-active, oxidatively stable formulation provides excellent film thickness while maintaining viscosity across all operating temperatures. Advanced, the proprietary additive system keeps your engine running clean and trouble-free and extends the life of the machine. Exceeds the requirements of API SN PLUS / JASO MA2.

We highly recommend using the Maxima Racing Oil Pro Plus+ for most minibike or racing go-kart engines running gas.
- Box Stock/Stockers 
- Most Stage Kit Engine 1-4
- Recreational/Cruisers
- Stock Appearings on Gas

The Maxima Racing Oil Pro Plus+ will mix with mineral-based engine oils and most automotive and motorcycle oils. You must flush your engine's oil if you switch from PAG-based synthetic oil. We recommend draining the PAG and running the Maxima Break-In Oil to flush out your oil before adding the Maxima Racing Oil or any other Non-PAG Based Engine oil. PAG is commonly used as the base oil for most karting-specific oils. 


- Superior protection at any temperature

- Excellent clutch feel and clutch protection 

- Shear stable, ester-fortified formula maintains oil viscosity and film thickness 

- Proprietary additive system and synthetic base oils combine to minimize oxidation and wear

- Surface-active chemistry aggressively attaches to engine surfaces and keeps them clean 

- Exceeds API SN PLUS and JASO MA2 specifications

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