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MCP 8 oz. Silicone Brake Fluid
208 MCP 8 oz. Silicone Brake Fluid - Front Label
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MCP 8 oz. Silicone Brake Fluid

Part Number: 208
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Brake Fluid Silicone MCP 8 oz.
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Martin Custom Products Silicone 5 Dot Brake Fluid is ideal for karting and lawnmower racing. 

5 Dot is a silicone(polydimethylsiloxanes) based brake fluid that offers a stable viscosity index over a wide range of temperatures, which makes it suitable for racing conditions with hard braking and high brake temperatures to extend the braking system's life. These advantages mean you are less likely to experience brake fade or spongey brake feels due to brake fluid boiling. Dot 5 is hydrophobic, meaning it doesn't mix with water or other fluids mixed with water. You mustn't mix with water or other Dot-rated brake fluids.

8oz Bottle 

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