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MCP Mini-Lite Brake Caliper Assembly
MCP Mini-Lite Brake Caliper Assembly
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MCP Mini-Lite Brake Caliper Assembly

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Martin Custom Products is the Leader in small-engine racing brake systems and components.

\These cast aluminum calipers are commonly used on Micro Sprints, Mini-Sprints, Racing Go Karts, Recreational Go Karts, Quarter Midgets, Mini-Cup cars, Jr. Dragsters, Racing Lawn Mowers, Racing Barstools, and hundreds of motorsports applications. This high-performance cast aluminum brake caliper features two 1 1/8" bore pistons. This exclusive design allows it to be adjusted for use with other rotor thicknesses (.125" to .187"). It comes in 2 halves, which are then both mounted to a caliper bracket or brackets through the 2-bolt holes. The bolt hole spacing is 1.875" center-to-center, and they fit 5/16" bolts. Dot five brake fluid only. Pads are included.

The Mini Lite Brakes feature smaller brake pads, reducing the surface area, and have less stopping potential than the standard brake pads. This is ideal for stock and spec low horsepower classes or tracks and courses that do not require heavy braking. A smaller, lighter brake assembly can free up horsepower and accelerate acceleration by reducing the rear axle's rotating mass. 

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