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Brake Pads MCP Standard   Sold as Per Side
1383B MCP Standard Brake Pads (sold per side)
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Brake Pads MCP Standard Sold as Per Side

Part Number: 1383B
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Martin Custom Product Standard Size Brake Pads
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Martin Custom Products are the industry standard for racing go-kart brake systems and components. 

These brake pads are the standard grip pads that come stock in most of their 1375 MCP Brake Calipers and Brake Kits. They are also standard on many chassis manufacturer's kart frames. These brakes are more than adequate for braking for most standard kart classes running spec or box stock engines. For heavy race machines like racing lawnmowers or high horse-powered machines like UAS Muscle Karts, we would recommend upgrading to the Blue or Red High-Performance MCP Brake Pads. 

These will not work with Mini-Lite Brakes.

Brake Pad Specs

• Approx 2 3/4" x 1.43" x .41" thick
• Bolt Spacing-2-1/4"
Stock Grip
• Sold Per Pad(2 required for complete set)

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