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PK-875G Gas Stock Appearing Carburetor for GX200/Clone/Predator
Complete PK-875G Carburetor Kit - Exploded View
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PK-875G Gas Stock Appearing Carburetor for GX200/Clone/Predator

Part Number: PK-875G
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When EC Carburetors designed the first PK-1 carburetor, we made it comply with the box stock rules while anticipating the potential of stock appearing carburetors. 

By the time the second version of the PK carburetor, the PK-1B, the Tillotson carburetor had become the most popular body for stock appearing engine and carburetor builders. 

Over the last few years, we have been so busy developing Tillotson products and components that we had to forcefully make time to develop our version of the stock appearing carburetors. 

Starting with the original CAD for the PK Tillotson Carburetors, we could map out our machining to clear and shape as much of the body as possible without using any epoxy. We can consistently and repeatedly machine each body using state-of-the-art CNC equipment to maximize results. 

We designed a new stainless butterfly and shaft to fit our unique shape to overcome an already competitive market. We looked at the induction system as a complete unit; we created our exclusive new air filter adaptor that reduces turbulence and helps the laminar flow. We also CNC ported and matched the plastic insulator to the stock intake port to complete the induction system. 

This gas stock appearing carburetor kit includes:

- CNC Tillotson PK Body

- EC Designed Billet Filter Adaptor

- CNC Insulator Plate

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