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WildCat 58mm/2.283 Stroke Crankshaft - Preclearanced
WildCat 58mm Crankshaft for Clone/Predator Small Block Engines - 3/4 View
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WildCat 58mm/2.283 Stroke Crankshaft - Preclearanced

Part Number: 168F-12100-58C
Online Price: $124.99
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The 58mm Crankshaft is stock in the WildCat 223 engines and a stroker for most clone and predator small block engines. 

This version is pre-clearance for most compression-release cams. Additional clearance may be required for aggressive cam lobes, high lifts, and long durations. 

The 58mm crankshaft is made of ductile iron. Ductile is the ability to bend or flex before breaking. The ductile iron has superior shock absorption and higher fatigue strength performance over the lesser cast crankshaft. The 58mm or 2.283" stroke is a great way to stroke your clone or predator without spending a fortune on billet crankshafts. The crankpin and journals are hardened to reduce wear and increase the strength of the crankshaft. 

ARC Clone Rod works with the crankpins but may require clearance to fit the block and not interfere with the camshaft. Therefore, this is not a drop-in solution but requires an experienced engine builder to assemble. 

Crank Pin: Clone
Flywheel Taper: Clone

Engine Displacement Increase
- 196 Stock - 68 Bore x 58mm = 210.68cc
- 212 Stock  - 70 Bore x 58mm = 223.21cc
- 225 Stock  - 72 Bore x 58mm = 236.15cc
- 2.815 or 71.5mm x 58mm = 232.88cc

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