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The Harbor Freight Predator 212 Hemi is a 70mm bore block that uses mostly GX200 Honda-Based Clone Parts. The block uses the same pull rope recoil assembly and blower housing. The most important part to considering with the Predator Hemi 212 Block Assembly is the cam boss in the block accepts the Honda or Honda Based Clone Camshafts. The Non-Hemi Predator has a larger cam boss and will not interchange with the Predator Hemi Block. However, the Tillotson 212R 70mm reinforced block can interchange completely with the Hemi 212 Predator. 

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Clone 196-212-225 Oil Cap
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Tillotson Racing 212R 70mm Reinforced Block
Out of Stock.
EC 3rd Bearing Support for GX200/Clone/Predator 212 Engines
Pre-Order - This item will be available on 9/23/2021.