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The Predator 212 Hemi Engine has a 55mm crankshaft, which is 1mm or .040" more than the Honda GX200 and its 196cc clones. These cranks also have a slightly larger crankpin requiring connecting rods specific to the 212 Predators. The Hemi Predator has a unique flywheel taper that requires specific flywheels to align the flywheel magnet and ignition coil properly and for the flywheel to clear the crankcase. Do no mix Hemi and non-Hemi or Honda/clone flywheels. 

The Hemi Predator has a flat top piston that helps flame propagation and can be used with Non-Hemi heads and longer rods to increase compression. We carry aftermarket stock-style 56mm and 58mm crankshafts; these cranks will require clone size rod journals and honda or clone tapered flywheels.

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