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PWK24/28 Curved Intake Manifold for Clone/Predator
Curved Intake Manifold for PWK 24mm and 28mm Carburetor
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PWK24/28 Curved Intake Manifold for Clone/Predator

Part Number: 485INT
Online Price: $42.99
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PWK Curved Intake Manifold for Ghost 212 and other Honda Clone Engines.
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The Wildcat 485NT curved intake manifold adapts a PWK 24mm or 28mm Slide Carburetor to your Honda or Clone Engine.

The curved intake was a highly requested component allowing the carburetor to tuck rearward for better clearance on mini bikes and go-karts. Turning the carburetor rearward tucks the carburetor closer to the engine to prevent interference with the starter recoil and prevent damage from road objects, obstacles, and other vehicles, or, in cases, the mini bike is laid down. 

Since the PWK 24-28mm carburetors use the same OD spigot for mounting, this intake will work for those carburetors specifically. Still, it may work with other brands or model slide carburetors that are spigot mounted. 

Intake Sigot OD 35mm
Intake Sigot ID 27mm

Intake mounting Hardware, Pulse Fitting, and Intake Gasket Included. 

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