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PZ22 Curved Intake Manifold for Clone/Predator
Wildcat or Ghost 212 Curved Intake Manifold for PZ22 Carburetor
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PZ22 Curved Intake Manifold for Clone/Predator

Part Number: 482INT
Online Price: $32.99
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Curved Intake Manifold for Ghost 212 and other Honda Clone Engines.
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The Wildcat 482INT, curved intake manifold, adapts a PZ22 Slide Carburetor to your Honda or Clone Engine.

Rather than buying the entire Harbor Freight Accessories Kit for the Ghost 212 just to get the curved intake manifold, EC decided to build their own. Not only can you use the intake on the Ghost 212, but you can adapt a PZ22 to your Predator, Tillotson, Ducar, or Wildcat Engine. 

The curved intake was a highly requested component that would allow the carburetor to tuck rearward for better clearance on mini bikes and go-karts. If you don't have a Ghost 212 or a PZ22 carburetor, EC has complete carburetor kits available. 

Intake mounting Hardware, Pulse Fitting, and Intake Gasket Included. To mount the carburetor use the bolts that come with the Ghost 212, for non-Ghost engines, bolts are sold separately or buy the EC PZ22 Carburetor Kit for a complete setup. 

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