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QuickCar 15-Inch Black Steering Wheel
68-001 QuickCar 15-Inch Black Steering Wheel
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QuickCar 15-Inch Black Steering Wheel

Part Number: 68-001
Online Price: $69.95
Steering Wheel 15 inch Black Aluminum
Availability: Out of Stock.


The 15" Black Steering Wheel designed for auto racing is the ideal steering wheel for lawnmower racing. 

The large-diameter wheel helps in karts, especially race mowers with no power or assisted steering. A large-diameter steering wheel helps racers with steering by adding more leverage on the steering shaft. Much like using a breaker bar, the longer it is, the easier it is. This helps from having to manhandle your steering, giving you better control and preventing fatigue.

The aluminum steering wheel is wrapped in a black grip for comfort and prevents the steering wheel from slipping through your hands. The dish of offset of the steering wheel is 3-1/4" 

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