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3 Quart Racing Go-Kart Plastic Fuel Tank
1009GM 3 Quart Plastic Fuel Tank
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3 Quart Racing Go-Kart Plastic Fuel Tank

Part Number: 1009GM
Your Price: $38.95
Fuel Tank Plastic 3 Qt Go Kart
Availability: Out of Stock.


The 3-Quart Plastic Fuel Tank is one of the most common and standard for many kart racers running stock gas and methanol classes. 

Many racers will opt for a larger tank for longer races. This tank does come with hardware to mount to the steering column, fuel pickup tube & fitting, fuel tank vent, and fuel tank cap.

Maintenance: Do not leave or store fuel in your fuel tank, especially methanol. Methanol quickly absorbs water moisture which will dilute your fuel causing tuning and performance problems. Methanol needs to be store in air-tight canisters, or fresh methanol needs to be used for your engine to optimize its performance. Methanol needs to be flush from your fuel line, fuel pump, carburetor, and engine after each race day or when put in storage. 

Ensure your vents are open and not restricted. Blocked or restricted fuel tank vents will create a vacuum that prevents the fuel from flowing out of the fuel cell. If your carburetor goes suddenly lean, check your fuel tank vent, carburetor vent, fuel pump, and fuel line before diagnosing a carburetor tuning problem. These are often far more common than tuning or jetting problems. 

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