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931Red Red 1/4
931Red Red 1/4" Fuel Line
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931Red Red 1/4" Fuel Line

Part Number: 931Red
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Red 1/4" Racing Go Kart Fuel Line
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The 931 Red Kart Racing Fuel Line, the standard fuel line used in kart racing. 

The fuel line polymer is resistant to methanol and most other fuels making it better suited than generic rubber fuel lines and hoses. Rubber hose and fuel lines often break down into debris that can cause performance loss and damage critical engine parts. Though the line is resistant to methanol and most other fuels, it is recommended to maintain fresh fuel lines and regularly replace them.

• Fuel Line Color - Transparent Red

• Fuel Line Dimension - 1/4" ID x 3/8" OD

• Price - $0.65 per foot; this may not show in your total cost.

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