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EC Stage 2 Performance Kit for Wildcat 223 Engine
EC Stage 2 Performance Kit for Wildcat 223 Engine
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EC Stage 2 Performance Kit for Wildcat 223 Engine

Part Number: 223-002
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fits the Standard Wildcat 223 Performance Engines
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The EC Stage 2 Kit is designed to be the best upgrade for any beginner to install for the Wildcat 223cc Engines. 

The Wildcat has become one of the best budget build engines. The Wildcat has a heavy-duty reinforced block stronger than the Ducar/Tillotson 212E and Predator 212 Engines. The better block isn't its only advantage as it comes with more displacement from the factory via the 58mm stroke crankshaft. The stroke increases performance by increasing displacement, crank leverage, piston speed, and compression. 

Our stage 2 kit wakes up the Wildcat's inherent design advantages. The stage 2 Wildcat 223's success is unbelievable and meets the needs of many hobbyists to get enjoyment out of their build and can put backyard racers in the winner's circle.

Compared to Stage 1 Kits: Stage one replaces external parts with better flowing intake and exhaust and comes with a better-tuned stock carburetor. Stage Two is the first step to improving the engine's internals to handle more rpm. 

Since the goal is to increase engine RPMs, we need the right matched components to make power in a higher rpm range. We replace the stock carburetor with a bigger bore motorcycle slide-style carburetor to feed more fuel and air into the cylinder. We use our Banzai 265 camshaft with more lift and duration than the stock cams to raise the engine's efficiency and better utilize the cylinder head potential. The cam is perfect for those who need that low-end torque but want the engine to make power at higher RPMs. We add a billet rod and billet flywheel to make the engine more reliable. The flywheel increases ignition timing and produces more energy for the ignition coil to have more power through the midrange and top-end. The best part is that these components are easy to install and shouldn't require machining or grinding. Stage 2 is very popular because the increased power isn't violent and is very "streetable" this makes it suitable for recreation cruisers and mild backyard track racers. 

Stage 2 Kit includes

- Wildcat WC22 Round Slide Carburetor Kit: The WC22 is a 26mm round slide carburetor modified from the Chinese VM22 carburetors. The new carburetor is its original casting with its new fuel calibration tuned for Honda GX200/Clone-based engines. 

TTS-265 Banzai Camshaft w/26lbs Springs: The 265 banzai is the most popular camshaft for mini bike and kart racers who want good torque power from 3500-7500rpms. 

- Rev Wheel Flywheel: The Billet flywheel has a low-fin, low-drag design with 34° ignition timing for improved acceleration and power. 

- Pinnacle Forged Rod: The EC Pinnacle Forged Rod increases the durability and the rotating assembly to handle higher RPMs. The rod puts the piston flush with the deck and increases compression 

- Head Gasket: The .045" Head Gasket Replaces your stock gasket if it tears when installing the stage 2 kit.

- Side Cover Gasket: The Side Cover Gasket Replaces your stock gasket if it tears when installing the stage 2 kit.

Recommended Spark Plug to improve starting, power, and response:

- E3 E3.18



Spark Plug Gap Should be between .026-.032."

Autolite 3910X is very popular, but the heat range may cause premature fouling, resulting in difficult starting, misfiring, and tuning problems. We do not recommend using these plugs for any gas engine. 

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