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F21-408-00 1.3 Stamped GX200 Clone Rocker Arm
Clone Non-Hemi 1.3 Stamped Ratio Rocker Arms
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F21-408-00 1.3 Stamped GX200 Clone Rocker Arm

Part Number: F21-408-00
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Stock Style Stamped 1.3 Rocker Arms for Predator 212 Non-Hemi, Tillotson 212R/225RS and other Clone Non-Hemi Heads
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The 1.3 Stamped Stock-Style Rocker Arm is designed for the Honda GX200. 

They will fit the smallest block non-Hemi style heads on 196 Clones, Tillotson 196/212R/225, Ducar 196, and Non-Hemi Predators. We recommend using these rockers with camshafts less than .235” lift with up to 22lbs springs. If using bigger cams or stiffer spring may cause the rockers to fail. These rockers are great to use on the stock lift or mod2 camshafts to get bigger cams results at less cost. 1.3 ratio of rockers add 30% more lift to the cam and can greatly increase the valves' acceleration. Stock lift .223” with 1.3 Ratio Rockers equals .2899” Overall lift. 

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