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Speed Kart .500 Purple Box Stock Restrictor Plate
.500" Purple Restrictor Plate for Clone and Predator Engines
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Speed Kart .500 Purple Box Stock Restrictor Plate

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The newly designed Purple Restrictor Plate by Speed Karts is the best legal restrictor plate for AKRA and NKA Clone Box Stock Classes.

The Speed Kart .500" purple restrictor plates are hard anodized in a brightly purple finish for durability. This restrictor plate is designed for the 196 Clone Box Stock for other classes, i.e., Predator 212 Box Stock; check with your track's class structure and legality rules. 

NKA Restrictor Plate Rules

40.4.36: Restrictor Plates Modification of the restrictor plate is prohibited. The anodizing shall not be removed around the holes. The plate must be flat; holes must be as produced with no rounding of the edges. All holes must align perfectly with a stock ARC plate. If a restrictor plate is used, there must be a gasket on both sides. Available restrictor plates, checked with blade type NO-GO gauge.

Blue: .550" Purple: .500" Green: .425" Red: .375"

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