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EC 1-1/4  C-Channel Weldment - Tall
3510 1-1/4 C-Channel Weldment
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EC 1-1/4 C-Channel Weldment - Tall

Part Number: 3511
Online Price: $14.95
Availability: Out of Stock.


1-1/4 C-Channel Weldment for Rear Axle Assemblies. 

Our Rear Bearing Hanger or Weldment is modeled after our Gemini chassis and other racing go-kart frames. These bearing hangers are much stronger and more stable than flat plate weldments, making them ideal for racing applications or heavier small-engine vehicles. We created a taller version for racing lawnmowers and other custom chassis builds. The taller weldment can help to lower the frame further by raising the axle location. We also carry a shorter version, part number 3510. 

Weldment Specs:

Total Height 5.125"

Bottom Bolt to Bottom Weldment 2"

Width 4.75"

Depth 1.375"

Bolt Circle 3-9/16"

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