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Tillotson 212R 55mm Stroke Crankshaft
138210107 Tillotson 212R 55mm Crankshaft
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Tillotson 212R 55mm Stroke Crankshaft

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The Tillotson 55mm or 2.165" Crankshaft for the 212 and 225 Engines. 

Ducar and other Clone 212 Engines use these crankshafts. These cranks have a 1.180” crankpin that matches the rod journal of the Honda/Clone rods. They also have the same flywheel taper as the Honda/Clone Engines. The crankshafts can interchange with the Predator 212 Engines but will not use the same rod or flywheel. 

These cranks are often referred to as +.040 as they are 1mm or .039" longer stroke than the 196 54mm or 2.125" Crankshafts

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