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TIllotson 212R MKII Race Engine
TIllotson 212R Race Engine
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TIllotson 212R MKII Race Engine

Part Number: TPP-212R
Online Price: $239.95
Phone Order Price:$269.95
You Save:$30.00(11%)
Availability: Not for Sale.


In an increasingly expensive engine market, Tillotson Racing has designed the 212R as a cost-effective track option to reduce cost, not performance.

Built to run current Predator 212 kart class rules, we made a tight tolerance performance engine that can create an equal playing field to allow appropriate management of engine claimer rules. We modified the governor for smoother rpm limiting, unlike the predator or other governed engine that will hunt and surge. The governor will limit it to 5800 rpm but is easily adjusted lower depending on your track rules. 

This engine is ready to run out of the box, jetted for the stock hi-flow airbox and exhaust. While creating for box stock kart racing, this engine is an excellent platform for hod rodding, stock appearing, and open classes. The crank and block will use clone aftermarket parts, including rods, cams, and flywheel.


- 70mm Reinforced Tillotson Block (New to the 212R)

- Tillotson JT-207 Head(same as 196R) Modified for bigger valves

- 27mm Intake Valve

- 25mm Exhaust Valve

- PK-3A (New to the 212R)

- Hi-Flow Stock Airbox and Exhaust

- Modified governor

- New! 212R Race Cam

- 70mm Bore

- Flat Top piston (More Compression than any other stock 212 or 196)

This engine is for sanctioned racing only. The engine has no warranty due to the nature of its intended use.

Contact us for dealer programs and track packages.

Engines have been tested for quality and may have a residual break-in oil; engines are not shipped with oil and need 12-14oz of synthetic. 

We recommend Maxima Pro Plus 10w-30 or Maxima Extra 5W-40 Engine Oils

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