The New Engine Kit Designed by EC Carburetors in three-stages: 225R, 228R, and 236R 

Since the fall of 2015, we have been consumed with R&D and innovative projects. Our new products are now finally falling into place with our latest engine package. Last year the Tillotson blocks we designed became available. Since then, it has been an incredible game-changer in the engine building market. We have three new stages of displacement for modified engines. These new engines have given us a unique platform for innovation and product development to improve many similar small block engines. 

Since the beginning of our development, the modified kart classes have been our primary objective, and through our countless hours of work, we now have a viable engine kit for the 14.5ci open class. Using the 72mm bore Tillotson block, we have been on the lookout for a crankshaft that would get us as close as possible to the 14.5ci max displacement for the national open class. Luckily we did find a 58mm stroke crank that will grow the 224cc, 225RS engine to 236.15cc or 14.41ci. 

The new 58mm crankshaft is a stock forged crank with the same crankpin diameter as the stock Honda and Clones. The first thing you may ask is, can I order just the crank? Not yet. The crank is the first of its kind, so there is no support outside our kit. Due to the stroke, there is not a billet rod and piston combination that will get you anywhere close to 0 deck. While the stroke is only .017" less than the ARC Billet Crank, they use a 1" crankpin and rod journal. Any other rod will have problems clearing the camshaft or having the correct length to clear the piston while giving near zero deck height.  

For now, we will sell the crank as part of the 236R rotating assembly or as a bottom-end kit that is a complete short block minus the cam. 

The rotating assembly will include the crankshaft, the Tillotson 72mm piston assembly, and our billet rod explicitly designed around the Tillotson 72mm block.  

The 236R short block kit is for those that don't have the Tillotson 72mm blocks yet. The kit does not come assembled but will include all the hardware, bearings, and gaskets to build a complete bottom end. Unlike our 228R, this kit allows you to build the engine for any class or modification you choose. If you have a good head and either a Honda/Clone or Predator Hemi Camshaft, you like they will bolt right into place. Or, if you are building an engine from scratch, we have our full range of cams, carburetors, and cylinder heads to construct any combination of the engine.

 As part of those combinations, we are also introducing our new 5mm stainless steel valves for the Tillotson 212R/225R, and Predator Non-Hemi Cylinder heads. Never before has there been valves that could easily drop into the valve guide of those heads. The 5mm valve will reduce valve train weight and has the potential to increase the flow. As mentioned, they can drop right in those heads to save you time and money changing to 5.5mm guides and valves. Currently, we have 25mm, 27mm, and 32mm valves. The 27mm and 25mm are stock replacements and are perfect for those restricted to stock size valves in some stock appearing or limited, modified classes.

We also have big valve heads using 5.5mm valves in different cc sizes. Our cylinder head section will grow as we finish our billet heads. 

We're EC "Carburetors," and it makes sense we have plenty of carburetor choices. For years we dedicated our expertise to the performance of diaphragm carburetors, but the world of small engine racing is always changing. We have added slide carburetors commonly used for mini bikes and bored stock carburetors for stock appearing classes. Carburetors are always in development here, and you will see more and more coming in the future.

EC was once prevalent in camshaft design, and with the introduction of our new engine package and many new engine components, we are revamping our Tennessee Thunderstix Camshaft Line with three new camshaft profiles. As we finish more of our projects and new parts come available, the camshaft is the final piece of the puzzle to make our combinations work. Since we developed the components from the carburetor to the engine block, we wanted to research and collect the data ourselves. By developing the cams ourselves, we will not only find the best available power, but it allows us to explain how and why the combination works.

Last but not least, we have add-ons such as our billet side cover to add style but also give more rigidity to the clutch side of the engine. As we progress, we will have parts to stylize your engine more. 

The Tillotson 225 platform intended for spec racing, and we designed the block capable of so much more. We increase its displacement from 225R(223.93) to 236R(236.15), almost the same increase as going from the 212(211.67cc) to the size of the 225R(223.93). We have been hell-bent on delivering a package that offered more potential than anything else in the market while keeping the price reasonable and often less expensive than any alternative. We believe the 236R is another game-changer. 

Stay tuned as we continue to lead innovation for small engine racing and performance. 

Check out Pat Topolinski from Engine Power on PowerNation TV as he builds the first 236R engine for his Coleman CT200U-EX Mini Bike. 

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