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EC 263R 76mm(2.99
76mm(2.99") Tillotson R-Series Block with Tank Mounts
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EC 263R 76mm(2.99") Block with Tank Mounts

Part Number: 263-3T
Online Price: $360.00
Phone Order Price:$400.00
You Save:$40.00(10%)
EC's 2.99 bore Tillotson Block
Availability: Not for Sale.


EC 263R 76mm(2.99") Block with Tank Mounts for racing go-karts and mini bikes. 

During the development of the Tillotson R-Series Block, EC considered improvements and alterations to get a 76mm or 2.99" bore to best fit in the block. 

Some changes include removing the upper dowel holes and adding material around the jug, including the push rod galley, which increased the gasket surface area for a better gasket seal. 

When the Tillotson blocks were introduced, EC had a 76mm bore block made without the sleeve. However, changes in production meant Tillotson could no longer sell that version of the block. Instead, EC is boring and sleeving the 70 & 72mm Tillotson blocks. 

This is for the block only, and the bore is honed to fit EC's 76mm piston. Additional work may be required for different piston or rotating assembly combinations. 


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