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TIllotson/Ducar 212E EPA Hemi Engine
TIllotson 212E EPA Engine
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TIllotson/Ducar 212E EPA Hemi Engine

Part Number: TPP-212E
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Retail Price:$269.00
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NOTE: If you are looking to purchase a Tillotson 212E for kart racing, mini bikes, or similar forms of small engine racing, the direct replacement is the Ducar 212. 

Ducar manufactured the Tillotson 212E for the Tillotson Generators and other power equipment. The Ducar 212 is supported by many kart tracks and provides more power and safety over the stock Tillotson 212E. 

The Ducar 212 replaces the stock cast iron Chinese flywheel with a German-manufactured die-cast aluminum flywheel that is approved by racing sanctioning bodies. The flywheel is lighter and has more ignition timing for better performance. 

The other key feature is the differences in carburetors. The Tillotson 212E Carburetor is designed for EPA requirements for engines used on power equipment. The Ducar 212 is imported as a kart racing product. It features a carburetor with an idle mixture screw that will allow additional tuning to the pilot jet for better throttle response and acceleration that doesn't hinder the smooth idle of a stock carburetor. The Ducar 212 will make roughly 10% more power and, with tuning, can be 15%

For these reasons and the cost of both engines, the Ducar 212 is a much better value for our customers.

Ducar manufactured the Tillotson 212E to meet EPA regulations for general-purpose outdoor power equipment.  

Recommended applications as tillers, cultivators, log splitters, and generators

Features Include:
Hemi Head
Cast Iron Cylinder
Diecast flywheel (Do Not Remove or Adjust Governor without using SFI certified flywheels)
Easy Pull Start
Enhanced valve springs
EPA Certified in standard configuration

Horsepower 7hp

Bore 70mm

Stroke 54.94mm

Intake Valve 27mm

Exhaust 25mm

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