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Tillotson is one of the oldest carburetor manufacturers in the World. Operations date back to 1914.   Tillotson invented the diaphragm carburetor, which replaced the float bowl with a rubber diaphragm, thus allowing engines to operate in virtually any position. We have been the primary importer of Tillotson Racing carburetors for over 30 years. 

This innovation led to an explosion in hand-held lawn and garden equipment, including chain saws, brush cutters, and blowers. In the late fifties, the karter started experimenting and found that Tillotson carburetors were superior to the day's float carburetors. In the '70s, EC Birt took his years of machining and racing, including motorcycle racing, where he is most famous, and was looking for a New War to fight in karting.  Soon he saw a need for a carburetor was needed, for small engines. He likes the basic advantages of the Tillotson diaphragm design carburetor.  That Foundation led to him working directly as an advisor to Tillotson LTD in Ireland to create what we have today as a True Racing Carburetor and is excepted World Wide.