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Tillotson PK-1B Stock Carburetor for GX200/Clone/Predator
PK-1B Tillotson GX200/Clone/Predator Stock Carburetor
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Tillotson PK-1B Stock Carburetor for GX200/Clone/Predator

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PK-1B Tillotson GX200/Clone/Predator Stock Carburetor

The well-known, world leader in small engine racing carburetors, Tillotson LTD, has produced their version of the common GX200 carburetor. Tillotson recognized the need to produce a consistent carburetor for the USA clone racing engines. The engineers took the 196cc OHV lawn and garden carburetor and calibrated (Blue-Printed) it for the racing market. The PK-1B carburetor is legal for AKRA, NKA, and many other racing divisions.

The improvements over the PK-1A are primarily casting to the liking of the rule committees for approval while improving flow to equal or exceed the best quality Ruixing and Huayi Carburetors. This carburetor is the closest out-of-the-box setup that meets the performance of most blueprinted carburetors. To make the most of this design, we built it to handle larger bores than the average stock carburetor. This is the preferred carb body for the best stock appearing carburetors.

 The key standard features:
- The venturi is machined to .613" plus or minus .001" very close to the .615" no-go rule. Additional boring is not needed.
The throttle shaft alignment is made to the centerline of the bore.
The emulsion tube is of a 24 hole progressive design
Main jet size .039."
Low side jet .028."

The jetting above is a general starting point for all different racing types; this combination was based on a stock rule clone using CL-1 camshaft, turning a max RPM of 6,100 with 10.8 springs.

If you have a current 2019 built AKRA stock clone engine with a ported head, CL-3 type camshaft 10.8 spring, 32-degree flywheel advance
, and your turning about 7,000 RPM or more, you may find using a .032" to a .035" low side jet and .034 to .037 main jet.  Caution: Using this combination, your idle may be rough, and there is a chance of loading up if it idles for too long

Minibike racers, we recommend trying the carburetor as is; if idle is too rough, you may need to purchase a .020-.024" low side jet.

This is considered a racing product, and there is no warranty or returns.

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