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  6. EC 6mm Billet Titanium Retainers w/EC 270 Dual Springs
EC 6mm Billet Titanium Retainers w/EC 270 Dual Springs
EC Titanium Retainers and Dual Valve Springs for 6mm Valve Stems
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EC 6mm Billet Titanium Retainers w/EC 270 Dual Springs

Part Number: 263-10-T2-60
Online Price: $52.99
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Our EC Billet Titanium Retainers and Dual Valve Spring Kit for 6mm Valve Stems.

Lightweight Retainers reduce weight and improve valvetrain stability. The New Titanium combines lightweight with superior durability for the most stable valve train for high RPM engines running aggressive cam profiles or high ratio rockers. Our billet retainers are lightweight but very strong and durable. Lash Caps Not Included.

Do not use dual valve springs with stock valves. We recommend using our 6.5mm Stainless Steel Valves with a 6mm Undercut Tip for the Dual Spring setup. 
R-44 32mm(Stock Exhaust) +.100 Longer SS Valve
R-45 35mm(Stock Intake) +.100 Longer SS Valve
R-46 37mm +.100 Longer SS Valve
Valves are sold separately. 
Comes with 6mm Valve Keepers/Locks

Valve Spring Specs

1.600 Uninstalled Height

1.400 Install Height – Seat Pressure 27lbs - Max Lift .675

1.300 Install Height – Seat Pressure 43.5lbs - Max Lift .575

1.200 Install Height – Seat Pressure 60lbs - Max Lift .475

.725 Open Pressure 148lbs

.680 Coil bind

Outer Spring O.D.: 0.987
Outer Spring I.D.: 0.743
Outer Spring Relaxed Length: 1.608
Outer Wire Diameter: 0.115

Inner Spring O.D.: 0.725
Inner Spring I.D.: 0.570
Inner Spring Relaxed Length: 1.470
Inner Wire Diameter: 0.076

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