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Tennessee Thunderstix TTS-647 'Ghostbuster' Camshaft for Honda/Clone/Hemi Predator
TTS-647 'Ghostbuster' Camshaft
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Tennessee Thunderstix TTS-647 'Ghostbuster' Camshaft for Honda/Clone/Hemi Predator

Part Number: TTS-647
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EC’s ‘Ghostbuster’ Tennessee Thunderstix Camshaft fits the Predator 212 Hemi, Predator 224 Non-Hemi, Tillotson Engines, Ducar engines, Wildcat 223, and most other Honda-Clone Engines. (Does not fit Predator 212 non-Hemi)

The TTS-647 was designed on the Ghost 212 to increase power and torque while moving peak power from 5200-5300 to 5900-6000rpms(600-800rpms increase). The purpose was to turn your current engine into a real “ghostbuster.” The camshaft creates the ideal power band for those running the Ghost 212 on the rev limiter or other engine classes that limit rpm to less than 6500 rpm. 

The power band works exceptionally well with recreational builds that want to keep low-rpm torque to allow lower clutch engagement while increasing their midrange and top-end power. Setting up your ideal clutch engagement is very close to peak torque. By lowering peak torque rpm, we can reduce the clutch engagement for recreational builds and mild backyard racers to prevent premature wear caused by slipping the clutch too often. We found this cam works well for those running torque converters as well. 

Peak Torque is typically 3200-3500rpms, depending on the engine and modifications. However, the measured torque is broad from 2500-5000rpms; you can engage the clutch as low as 2200rpms for recreational builds but suggest 3200-3600 for racing builds for oval track and sprint track karting. 

The TTS-647 was designed for hobby hot rods, cheater/mod stock classes, and sprint racing classes that run less than usual at less than 6200 rpm. Kit Includes:

- TTS-647 Cam

- 26lbs Spring

Cam Specs:

Intake Lift .252

Intake Dur @ .050 234

Intake Centerline 105

Exhaust .255

Exhaust Dur @ .050 237

Exhaust Centerline 107CL

New Tappets are no longer included with the camshaft due to the various lengths on different brands of engines. We highly recommend using new tappets when installing a new camshaft. Check the size of your lifter tappets before ordering. 

*Note engines with 58mm crankshafts, including the Wildcat 223, Predator 224, or any EC Stroker Kits, may require clearance for the compression release to pass the crankshaft weights.

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