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Tennessee Thunderstix TTS-800 Camshaft for Honda/Clone/Hemi Predator
TTS-800 Tennessee Thunderstix with 3 degree retard
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Tennessee Thunderstix TTS-800 Camshaft for Honda/Clone/Hemi Predator

Part Number: TTS-800
Your Price: $104.99
fits Honda GX200/Clone, Tillotson 196/212/225, Wildcat 223 , & Predator 212 Hemi Engines (Does not fit Non-Hemi Predator)
Availability: Out of Stock.


 The TTS-800 Tennessee Thunderstix pickups where the TTS-787 leaves off, built for 196cc, 212cc, and other small block GX200 based engines. 

The TTS-800, or what we call the "Cheetah Plus," share similar lobes to the TTS-787; these lobes have great ramp speed for controlling valve train, allowing less spring pressure than more aggressive cam profiles. The lift and duration work great to create upper-midrange torque and top-end power using a big valve, ported, or billet cylinder heads with 1.2 or 1.3 ratio rockers. The power band is shifted higher in the power band due to the 3 degrees of retard intake centerlines. We recommend this cam on big tracks where you are at wide-open throttle for most of the race. 

Using this cam requires an upgraded spring package, billet rod, and billet flywheel.

Recommended Class: RWYB/Open Modified

Cam Card for TTS-800

Target (MAX) RPM: 9500
Spring Pressure (In / Ex): 32 lbs
Valve Lash (IN/EX): .003."
Ignition Timing: 34 Deg BTDC

Dur @ .050": 246 Deg.
C/L: 110 ATDC

DUR @ .050": 246.5 Deg
C/L: 107 BTDC 

Cam Specs:

Engine: 196cc OHV Clone/212 Hemi/Tillotson 196/212/225

*Note engines with the 58mm crankshafts, including the Wildcat 223, Predator 224, or any of the EC Stroker Kits may require clearance for the compression release to pass the crankshaft weights. 

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